Being a large part of your desk, it's common that you may stain or spill food on your gaming mousepad.


This short article explains the process of cleaning and restoring your mousepad.​

Washing Guide

There are two ways to clean your mousepad - machine washing and hand washing.

Machine washing is best for removing odours and small stains from your mousepad. If there are large or dark stains, it is recommended to hand wash it.

Machine Washing

1. Place your mousepad in the washing machine with as little folding as possible

2. Add a small amount of washing detergent (¼ of a normal load)

3. Set the machine settings to cold water and a slow spin

4. When complete, dry your mousepad with a hair dryer

5. Leave your mousepad outside in a shaded area for 5 to 10 hours

Note: Avoid leaving your mousepad in the sun. It can damage the colors of the design.

Hand Washing

1. Fill a sink or bath tub with warm water

2. Add a generous amount of dish soap to the water

3. Grab a sponge and scrub the areas with stains

4. Rinse the mousepad under cold water to remove the soap

5. Dry your mousepad with a hair dryer then leave your mousepad outside in a shaded area for 5 to 10 hours (avoid a sunny area)



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